Paint the world your favourite colour

For many, their purpose is to walk a familiar path, that of the least resistance. For others, the purpose is of a completely different nature. It’s a purpose that challenges convention, one fraught with adventure to emerge from the crowd as ‘that place’.

As a lifestyle brand, our reputation depends on creating food and beverage venues that have a social presence amidst a crowd of familiar faces. From starting with a vision to seeing it grow before you, every project eagerly challenges the untrodden path.
We’re never at peace with simply creating a venue, our passion lies in building a social experience into a way of life.

The designs are cutting-edge, the ambience – buzzy and relaxed, and I had a meal that stood in my mind for months later. One of Marchetti’s aims is for diners leaving the restaurant to feel great about themselves.
Gordon Ramsay

His integrity, eye for quality and commitment to sustainability are totally in line with how he does business and he brings his Midas touch to DOUBLE-SIX HOTEL, SEMINYAK.
Asia Dreams Magazine

I am totally amazed by Robert’s creativity. His menus reflect such inventive combinations of flavours, many showcasing his Italian family roots.
Ming Tsai

He has ties with one of Bali’s wealthiest people, was rated by Gordon Ramsay as one of his favourite chefs, serves Nicole Kidman regularly and has Pat Rafter around for a barbecue on a Sunday afternoon. But refreshingly, restaurateur Robert Marchetti doesn’t come with the hype that surrounds so many Sydney chefs.
Jo Casamento, The Sun Herald

Robert Marchetti has the trend not just nailed but skewered through its heart, grilled over coal & served with flat bread.
Terry Durack, Chief Food Reviewer, Sydney Morning Herald

Robert Marchetti truly understands hospitality and what it takes to make a restaurant sing. His creativity – with service, food and design, and the importance he places on pushing a restaurant’s fun factor, sets him apart from everyone else in the industry.
Mike Freed, Post Ranch Inn and Cavallo Point Lodge, California